Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is there a burning issue that prompts you to run for City Council?
A: Stewardship and continuity are my key issues in this election. I’ve tracked the progress made by our City Administration, Council and Mayor’s office from the economic down-turn forward. I’m very proud of the way they enhanced our services and quality of life without increasing our tax rate or incurring additional debt. I want to be a good steward of the planning, leadership and governing processes that have made this possible, and to see continuous refinement going forward.

Q: Will you oppose any efforts to increase city taxes?
A: In general, I am opposed to any increase in our tax rate. In fact, I want to see our tax rate decrease as our tax base increases.

Q: Will you support full transparency in City Government, including open budget books?
A: I support full transparency in our City Government. One of the things that make me proud of the way our City is governed is the pre-meetings held before each City Council Meeting. These are open to the public and interested citizens get to see the budget developed, reviewed and approved by a final vote. Then throughout the fiscal year, our citizens can come to the meetings to hear reports from the head of each City department and the City Manager detailing where they stand on implementing the goals set forth in the budget. For citizens who can’t attend these and other important City meetings, our City provides easy access to all budget and meeting records on the City of Euless website.

Q: Which programs would you cut in the City, and which ones would you grow?
A: Going into the new fiscal year, I know of no programs that are not “right-sized.” Our tax rate has dropped, our budget is balanced, and our City Administration and Manager have proven their ability to limit expenses to actual income when there are unexpected downturns in our City’s economy.