The Record


GOAL: Make sure Euless residents have access to the on-going decision making process of our City government.

RECORD: One of the things that makes me proud of the way our City is governed is the pre-meetings held before each City Council Meeting. These are open to the public and interested citizens get to see the budget developed, reviewed and approved for a final vote. Then throughout the fiscal year, residents can come to the meeting to hear reports from the head of each City department and the City Manager detailing where they stand on implementing the goals set forth in the budget. For Citizens who cannot attend Council Meetings, live stream videos of each of the proceedings are archived for anytime viewing on the City’s website.


GOAL: Make sure that tax rates do not increase and that the City services do not decrease.

There is an art to balancing the service/maintenance/salary triangle without raising tax rates. Your City’s administration has been able to cut the property tax rate two out of the last four years while at the same time (1) restoring service levels to what they were before the economic downturn, (2) implementing condition-based maintenance programs for streets and utilities and (3) keeping employees salaries whole.


GOAL: Making sure, as a Council Member, that I understand the different all points of view of Euless all residents.

RECORD: The key to understanding how our citizens feel about issues is being with them. That is why I give a good part of my time to the Euless Fire Academy & Alumni, Small Business Association, Euless Police Academy & Alumni, 6 Stones – A Catalyst for Hope, Coffee with a Cop, my Homeowners’ Association, Trinity High School’s mentoring program, ISD Foundation events, the Euless Recreation Center, Banquets honoring Police, Fire and EMS, and the Chamber of Commerce.


GOAL: Make sure the concerns of Euless residents are heard and represented in the decision making process.

RECORD: When issues come before City Council, I make it a point to follow-up with the City Manager’s office, my fellow council members, and our Mayor to come to a consensus about the best way forward for our City and its residents. When issues are brought directly to me, I help the resident address their concerns to the appropriate city department for response through Assess Euless… an app that ensures citizen concerns are logged, tracked, addressed, and ultimately closed out.


GOAL: Making sure the City is turned over to the next generation in as good, or better, shape than today.

RECORD: Euless has a history of top-tier service, declining property taxes rates, management-by-consensus, motivated & dedicated employees, No. 1 rated Fire Department, best-in-class Police Department, cash flowing projects, minimum use of city bonds, modern facilities, modern library, a Recreation Center for parents & kids, a Senior Center for adults, involvement in institutions that provide a safety net for all of our residents and active participation in our school systems. This is the legacy your Council, our Mayor, the City Manager’s office, and department heads wish to pass on.